When most people think of allied victory in the Second World War they think of the obvious- aircraft, ships & personnel. Often the men & women in the small back room the "Boffins" (scientist & mathematicians) get overlooked. The Second World War was won just as much by the code breakers at Bletchley Park tucked away in the Buckinghamshire Countryside & the men & women of the Rad Lab (Radiation Laboratory) in Cambridge & Boston Massachusetts as by any soldier, sailor or airmen. Maybe even more so. Without doubt the cracking of the German Enigma codes shortened the war & the advent of radar enabled the Royal Air Force during the "Battle of Britain" to know the range, bearing, altitude & scale of an attack & conserve its limited resources of planes, fuel & pilots by surprising the enemy at the right place with the right number of aircraft . Without radar the "Battle of Britain" would have been lost & modern Europe would be a very different place.

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